Political Leaders.

Dec 2018
Why are they known as 'political leaders' as if they are in some kind of contest of 'who' is the 'ideal' leader to a certain 'politics'? More than 'political' leaders, they should be National defender leaders. For the other things such as the monies are involved, there is the Board of Advisors and Board of Directors to carry out the necessary 'amenities' within the Country.

Think of the United States as a huge supermarket that everyone in the U.S has to 'shop' in. The President would be the President of that supermarket whereas the purchasers, the stockers, the security guards, the safety of loss and preventions, etc.... are being kept up rightfully under the President.

An advisor suggests that there should be more 'cereals' offered. The director sees if it is a 'good' thing for all the shoppers. The President has to agree to have more 'cereals' offered to begin the process. After The President agrees, the purchasers are given the 'bill of order' with which they go out and 'order online' from other wholesale distributors. But the cost. What of the costs?

Over and beyond the horizon another Country begins seeing how the U.S is doing with all their ways in the grocery store. And so they make a few phone calls to some of the U.S grocery store workers. They give a bargain. They say that they want to begin having small kiosks in that grocery store because all the U.S shoppers seem overly joyed for some reason and they are trying to figure out why. But rather than asking, they need to remain within their political ideals of how to be the ideal leader of that 'politics'. And maybe their 'politics' doesn't have 'asking' within it as something applaudable. So they do not ask, they remain in their 'politics' but they are asking to be allowed to make kiosks in the U.S grocery store. Of course the shoppers are overly busy with their shopping so they don't take too much notice as to what the grocery store workers are doing.

Soon talks and tug of wars begin within the Employee break room in the grocery store. One of the employees thinks it would be a good idea to allow for kiosks to be allowed for whereas another does not think it would be a good idea. Soon the Employee break needs to get turned into a Jurors' box and with a unanimous vote, or at least majority, the idea is either 'guilty' as charged or passed onto the President for a signature to make out the 'bill of order'.

Then all of a sudden, a man who was denied work storms in and makes a rush for the local 'cereal' aisle and runs off with boxes and boxes of cereal. He was obviously hungry and without a job it would make sense why. But in the process of himself getting himself some food, he accidentally, or so he claims, runs over a few of the other shoppers. And as he gets away to fill his stomach up with the foods, the employees are in shock. How did such a person get past the Security guards, on his way in AND on his way out? But their shock is too great. They forget to ask the Security Guard, 'What the heck were you doing' that the shoplifter was able to enter AND escape. So the security guard takes the 'under the cover' approach and doesn't say a thing.

Soon the Security guard is at rest. He still has his job. But some of the other employees are 'fired' for the lack of duty by the security guard. Not the ones that didn't ask the security guard what he was not doing or what he was doing that allowed for the shoplifting to occur but some other employees working in the janitor department. They asked why they were being fired and the response they received was that it was better to just agree and go than to remain and struggle. Well, the janitors left although they didn't know for what reason. The steam and anger of the upper bosses of that grocery store was felt. Everyone knew what could occur if their 'unnerved' level reached a certain point on the thermometer gauge. 'The janitors were let go', they said. shhh.. everyone needed to be quiet.

Still the security guard was fine, the other employees were fine and shopping began to resume to normal.

But because of this and because of the friends of the janitors that were 'fired', storms of letters began entering into the super market mail box. The majority of the letters were critical over the 'firing' methods. They did not find it just or fair for someone who had no involvement of the shoplifting incident to have been 'fired'. And the letters kept piling in. Soon, a thing called 'non discrimination' protests and riots arose. After this microaggressionisms to counter the macroeconomics which the grocery store was poorly handling by the 'firing' of some employees. And within this scope, many shoppers began to be overfed and grew slothful and lethargic to the point of driving under the influence of THC.

The grocery store distributors loved this. The more the shoppers were on THC the larger the sales were. The grocery store was back on the incline. But the Board of Advisors saw this trend. And they wondered. They took it to the Board of Directors and the response they received was that if the sales were increasing and everyone was 'happy' that it should be left as it was; that there was no harm being done. The Board of Advisors was not pleased with this idea. They were not agreeable to the fact that there was no 'intelligent keeping' THC level needed while driving.

Some Board of Advisors remembered their own THC youthful days and remembered that it was very difficult to drive while under the influence of THC, as well as LSD and Shrooms and DMT. And they were frightened. What the heck is in these dispensary THC buds that does not have the same effect of past THC buds?

Hand-crafted Hippie Truck, 1968

They said, tie dyed was cool but to die, or better yet, to be murdered, is not.

A 1967 VW bus decorated with hand-painting

'What the heck', they thought. . What the heck is in this new dispensary THC that isn't promoting that 'free love' felt in the days? What the heck kind of THC was this?

Some of the grocery store workers that retired looked into this matter. They were there in 'the days' and so they went out and purchased some dispensary THC to get to the bottom of this.

After purchasing the strain they wanted, they remembered a little THC terminology, they took it home and fired it up like the back of a VW love bug... And sure enough, it was different. More synthetic, less sunshine and air.

But all those years of Corporate grocery store kicked in. They thought about macroeconomics and how such things occurred for such.

those pinchers.

Don't be pinching my weed. I get what I pay for. Don't pinch.

Proverbs 29:2 "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn."
Proverbs 11:10 "When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish, there is shouting."

'Whose in charge of this 'weed'', they asked. 'This stuff isn't really even, *hack hack*, weed'.
'It must have something to do with MacroEcnomics and Political leaders', they thought.
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Dec 2018
Matthew 1:23 "Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us."

Hey, Emmanuel, is that really you?



Sorry. Hay is for horses. I meant, *ahem ahem*, Mr. Emmanuel, is that really you?

From long hair to short. It's called 'advancement'.
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Dec 2018

Watch out for those 'microaggressions', though.. You might never 'graduate'.

It's a beautiful Day.

Psalm 118:24 "This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it."
Dec 2018
Tell me. Have you been overrun by others in society? What does this say to you? That you have 'sold' out? What does it mean to be 'overrun', especially by the youths?

I've got an idea. This could resolve both sides. The one side desires more traditionalism and the other side desires more modernism. Since Traditionalism has been the provider up to now, why not the Modernists try to assist the Traditionalists by 'asking The LORD' for help for them, the Traditionalists, to receive proper helps? This way, the Modernists might receive what they 'ask', which being, that the 'traditionalists' are led or provided for by The LORD to help the rest of Society be at ease and Peace in their Modernism way(s) and to their Modernist desires.

Who knows? Maybe The LORD God (J)esus Christ will 'relocate' all the traditionalists to a certain 'location'... Nothing is impossible for The LORD God (J)esus Christ but because They love humanity and the Modernists being part of 'humanity', They might be more quick to provide for those that are already Theirs rather than have them be wasted by spending an over amount of time and energies on the Modernists who are unwilling to be 'traditional', for a lack of a better way of saying this.

The traditionalists could be as 'walls' to which the Modernists are asking, but not asking, hoping, to get out of the way so they, the Modernists, can grow and advance. Asking The LORD God (J)esus Christ to 'remove' those walls or relocate those walls could prove expedient to them, to both of them. Either that or continue on the onslaughts to the 'walls'.

Because surely as 'humans', the Modernists would not be seeking to destroy the walls, would they, since those walls are actually other 'humans'. So maybe those walls are as obstacles and not as other 'humanity' in which the Modernists do not desire in their lives because those 'walls' are hindering their progress and advancement in life, the very life they were also given as a gift by The LORD God (J)esus Christ.

And so for the Modernists to pray, ask, The LORD God (J)esus Christ to assist them by having those 'walls' moved or relocated would be the much 'wiser' way to advance and progress in their lives without those 'walls' needing to be there to 'hinder' or to 'keep back'.

I say this because this is what I continually keep hearing.. The traditionalists are as 'walls' which 'prevent' growth to personal ways but are as 'hindrances' to them.

And if the traditionalists really 'love' as they say they do, they would not want to 'hold back' or 'prevent' or 'hinder' another life, especially if it might cause them to cause danger. And so for the traditionalists to ask The LORD God (J)esus Christ for their 'traditionalist walls' to be 'removed, relocated' to a less 'hindering' place by the Knowledge and Wisdom of The LORD God (J)esus Christ to lead and to decide, would prove more 'loving' than to remain as obstacles.

I personally wouldn't mind being in a place where Elders are respected and children are loved. Even if it meant surrendering a few of my own personal 'desires'.

So why would I not be allowed or be able to receive this 'good' thing in my God given 'life' to be right within? If I'm given one life to enjoy and Praise The LORD God (J)esus Christ for all their 'Good and Wonderful' works, why would I NOT be able to or be allowed to do so? And if my presence is a 'hindrance' to others in the Society, then why would I NOT be able to or be allowed to be helped, by the Knowledge and Wisdom of The LORD God (J)esus Christ leading and providing, so that I may continue in 1: not causing a hindrance and 2: to continue in the free 'life' that The LORD God (J)esus Christ has given to me to be free to honor and respect the Elders and love the children?

Why would I or why should I 'hinder' an Elder to get into such a place where they will not be a 'wall' or obstacle or hindrance to which they might NOT need to daily receive onslaughts to their 'wall of traditionalism'? Why should I 'prevent' them from being 'free' of their daily onslaughts?

What is 1 sound reasoning that The LORD God (J)esus Christ would not provide for this, with Their Knowledge and Wisdom, in leading and providing for, if asked by either 'traditionalists' or Modernists?

On this cause would both parties be able to 'agree'. To have the traditionalists 'taken out of the way' or 'relocated' by the Knowledge and Wisdom, in leading and providing, of The LORD God (J)esus Christ, so that the Modernists could receive what they are daily onslaughting for. Which is have those 'traditionalism walls' 'taken out of the way' or 'relocated'.

If you think about it, most 'traditionalists' are either retired, soon to retire or are getting fed up with the lack of honor, respect and trueness in Society anyway.

Those that are involved with 'drug' usage are very rarely in line with Traditional hopes and values.

Since Traditionalism has been the provider up to now, why not the Modernists try to assist the Traditionalists by 'asking The LORD' for help for them, the Traditionalists, to receive proper helps? This way, the Modernists might receive what they 'ask', which being, that the 'traditionalists' are led or provided for by The LORD to help the rest of Society be at ease and Peace in their Modernism way(s) and to their Modernist desires.

This so that the daily onslaughts of sanity verses insanity can come to a stop.

What makes a 'sound' person to believe that a drug induced mind and spirit will be able to resist their own urges? And so to 'remove or relocate' the traditionalists would be the 'soundest' thing to do rather than not to which I pray and ask in The Name of (J)esus Christ. Amen.

Why would the traditionalists be the ones needing to 'relocate or be moved'? Maybe it has to do with the strong will to not have any 'lost'.

So once again.. for what 'other' reason might the modernists have for their inability to 'progress and advance' in their God given life that they daily onslaught the 'traditionalism walls' as well as 'The LORD God (J)esus Christ' other than because of the 'hindrances' those 'walls' or even Them, The LORD God (J)esus Christ, IS on a daily basis.

These 'walls' and The LORD God (J)esus Christ is the 'reason(s)' for them not being able to be 'free' to do as they 'desire', is what they daily and continually say. So I say to them, which seems like the larger population, ask The LORD God (J)esus Christ to do so, to help, to assist in such ways so that they might receive those 'freedoms' they are onslaughting, on a daily basis, for.

in many Countries this is occurring. The walls of 'traditionalisms' and The LORD God (J)esus Christ being the reason(s) for hindrances and nuisances which prevent 'them', the majority it seems, from progressing and advancing in their own God given life.

Or are the 'traditionalists' trying to 'protect' their property values amidst the daily onslaughts? Would they not forego their properties if being led and provided for by The LORD God (J)esus Christ to be in a more 'conducive' place to live?
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