Political memes

Nov 2005

I served in the Navy.
Quite frankly, it annoys me to no end when people who haven't served try to proclaim their own specific interests being included as why "veterans fought and died".
For me, it's much worse when it's a politician at the federal level who can actually have an impact on real veteran issues. Too many politicians just plain USE veterans as a talking point.

Screw you Nikki.
If you want to help veterans who "fought and died", then fix our VA hospitals where we still have significant problems with veterans dying because of political ineptitude and grotesque indifference..
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Feb 2020
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howdy howdy howdy all... this is MY first post and the very reason i JOINED this forum after trying and failing several times to get my memes shared at various sites and a couple political humor shows. THIS is the place. i'm going to save the best for last, having stayed up all night refining and photoshopping. these are all ORIGINAL art, but i would be pleased as punch (eff the kool aid!) if y'all find any of these memes funny enough to share...

Trump taking a dump.png


rain on your parade.png


and finally... the meme i'm so gosh darn proud of (i WANTED to create my own thread, but only have noob privileges) i had to find SOME place i can share it...

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