Portugal and Spain

Mar 2017
Matosinhos Portugal
Does anyone know, if democratic Europe and the United States of America.
Already they felt threatened with Portugal and Spain when the two countries were facist
Dictator of Portugal António Oliveira Salazar was civilian
Dictator of Spain Francisco Franco was a military man

what is your opinion

Portugal Member of NATO 1949
Spain Member of NATO 1982
Mar 2017
Matosinhos Portugal
My friend, thank you for your compliment hug.

Meu amigo muito obrigado pelo seu elogio abraço.

grande abraço

big hug
» Which is correct in English? big hug - hug big
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Mar 2017
Matosinhos Portugal
Good with Socialism both it's communists how votes Socialist Party ??

Abracadabra. =@

All parties democratic republican communist communist etc.
They all steal their own people and make laws in their favor.

If I were president of my country, I would apply this law.
Those who set fire to the forests of Portugal Political thieves men who violates children etc.etc.
I would have cut both hands.

With this law and practice, Portugal was a most famous country in the world.

For me, this law should have existed since 25 April 1974
Was sure that the gold bars that the salazar had dropped to portugal had not been stolen as it was with democracy etc.etc socialism.
Portugal was the third nation with the most gold in the world, I ask where the gold is

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