PoS Norm MacDonald

Dec 2016
I have no idea. I've never lasted more than a few weeks in an office type job but i did bartend for a number of years and that was a hyper sexualized environment.
I would expect working in a bar surrounded by a lot of drunks could be a hyper-sexualized environment.
Offhand, without actually being there, I'd say that if you were working in an office that is mostly female staff, you're not under the kind of pressure as a woman breaking in to formerly all-male blue collar jobs.
Dec 2014
Memphis, Tn.
We need to legalize prostitution nation wide. This way young men have no reason to deal w/ these crazy hypersensitive "women"

I believe after the depression there was a great number of young men who just walked away from women as the financial responsibility of a family was to much to consider. I think that this was the reason for the explosion of pool halls and mens clubs. This is coming
What a stupid comment to make. Unbelievable. I've often thought that you must really be about 13 years old.
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