Proficiency Tests

Dec 2017
Proficiency Tests

Consider, if students are (essentially) mandated to take standardized tests such as the G.E.D., SAT, ACT, GRE, GRE Subject Tests, ect. ect. to demonstrate academic knowledge, skills & abilities which is claimed to be a sufficiently strong evaluation method--Why cant 'Proficiency Tests' be administered on a range of subjects that, if passed, credentials a person in that particular area analogous to taking a course, sequential group of courses, or degree (i.e. AA, BA, MA, ect.)?

Note, 'placement testing' and 'final exams' are already standard, then why not have that model expanded greatly? That is, if a person takes and passes a 'Final Exam' on a particular subject, what is the need for them to take the 4 month course? Likewise, if a person can pass a GRE Subject Test on a given subject, which is intended to demonstrate proficiency at the level of an Undergraduate degree in the area, why should that not credential them in the area? That is, why could they not bypass the need for attending College for 4 or so years and simply take the Test if & when ready in order to earn the diploma?
Feb 2014
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Personally, I am strongly in favor of self-education. I am appalled by some of the things past professors have said to their class. I think everyone should take a few college classes at age 40 or above because then we see the clay feet of the professors. They are biased humans just like the rest of us and are not the all knowing gods colleges want to believe their professors are.

But it is not just a matter of getting college credits. It is also a matter of hiring practices. Googling "a different way of hiring people" gets sites advising business people on a better way to find new employees. We need to know what is going on in the minds of those who are hiring and we need to learn how to sell ourselves. This is so important, it should be a high school class.
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