Question for US Citizens about NATO

Jul 2018
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Its not a drop in the bucket. When your entire military is geared to fight a war over seas, like our military is, then were paying for the defense of Europe and Asia. Our Military is not set up to "defend" the shores of the United States. That is a fucking laugh. The only portion of our military that even remotely is set up to defend the United States is our nukes and some token air defense systems. The industrial military complex has designed our armies and air to fight elsewhere. If our spending in NATO is such a drop in the bucket, then why are you defending it so hard? Its time for Europe and Asia to learn to defend themselves. We can still be their allies, but its time to close the bases, down size our military and use that money on the American people.
BTW, I agree, there is platy of savings in the military budget to save cash on and I am all for it.

I mentioned this in a post yesterday. We have done a good job at cutting waste and fraud in social programs, why are we still ignoring a bigger pot of fraud and waste just waiting to be reclaimed.