Racist Student Group Holds Affirmative Action Yard Sale

Apr 2016
Thankfully, their fellow students weren't about to let them get away with it.


The University of Washington College Republicans (UWCR) hosted their “Affirmative Action Bake Sale” on UW campus today to protest the passage of I-1000, a repeal of anti-affirmative action laws. Their booth was dwarfed by the large crowd of counter protesters who showed up to denounce the event.

UWCR called I-1000 “racist.” To make their point, they hosted a bake sale where the price of the sweets was based on race and gender.

The American flag canopy, store-bought cookies (the rumor is that they were from Costco), and menu promoting prices—“Asian: $1.50, White $1.00, African American $0.50, Hispanic $0.50, Native American Free”—drew the ire of the UW community.

"This kind of display is harassment," Michele Andrasik, an assistant professor in the UW School of Global Health, said. "How can you put that Native Americans are free? And that African American lives are worth 50 cents? That is so demeaning and degrading and it makes people feel like they don’t belong here."

UWCR President Chevy Swanson (left) argues with a protestor over the merit of Affirmative Action for college admissions. TIMOTHY KENNEY

The crowd yelled at UWCR things like: “The people who agree with you are white power supporters, what does that say?”

“I’m mad, that’s why I’m here,” Abigael Mbaluka, a third-year UW student, said. “I’m a first generation college student. I am an immigrant. What it means to me to have affirmative action is to be able to go to school. When you threaten my ability to go to school I have to come here to fight it.”

May 2019
It’s not accurate to call the bake sale harassment, though it is offensive. I think that is really the point. If you account for race in determining cost of a product (or admissions), it’s racist and offensive.
Andrasik mischaracterized the bake sale a bit. It’s not saying that Native Americans are free, it’s saying cookies for them are free. There are several states with free tuition for qualified Native American.
Similarly, black students aren’t worth 50 cents, cookies are worth 50 cents to black students.
This is supposed to be offensive. It is supposed to make a point about that anger you feel if you are being consistent.
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