Rand Paul calls for probe of Democrats over Ukraine letter

Apr 2019
This letter is hardcore proof Democrats have done what they wish to impeach Trump on. What made it legal then and criminal now?

The 2018 letter Paul referred to was sent by three Democratic senators — Sens. Robert Menendez (N.J.), Dick Durbin (Ill.) and Patrick Leahy (Vt.) — to Ukraine's prosecutor general, asking for the country's assistance in the Mueller investigation. The letter was sent after a New York Times report found the investigations into Manafort in Ukraine had stalled.

Paul asserts the Democratic senators threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine in the letter if the country did not cooperate in the Mueller investigation.
Aug 2018
been around
If this follows the pattern of the other 682 false attacks against Trump, it'll be screaming for his blood for several months - or even years in one case, then a slow turnaround resulting in everyone realizing it's fabricated nonsense, then it'll be suddenly not spoken of again in order to hide it's criminally fabricated origins.