Rand Paul tests positive for COVID-19


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Apr 2013
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He is saying he is asymptotic and feeling fine, and the obligatory he got tested due to an overabundance of caution but had been travelling a lot so got tested. And it was positive.

But again, members of the Dopey Don administration keep telling us we don't need to be tested unless we are showing symptoms. But I guess that doesn't apply if you are rich, famous or connected.

But another thing that data from China is making clear. They now say that there is lots of transmission from asymptomatic people for way more days than was thought. So if Paul had followed official admin procedure he would be going around spreading his joy.

Nov 2018
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This Rand Paul testing incident is bad for several reasons:
1. demonstrates asymptomatic carrying of virus
2. may be a prelude to a florid infection
3. may be used to make claims about the harmlessness of SARS-2
4. suggests that a huge reservoir exist of infected, but undetected, patients
5. encourages the use of COVID testing on asymptomatic individuals which will reduce resources available to others
6. if a false positive, it will undermine trust in the testing or concern about the epidemic
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Jul 2019
For all we know, millions of Americans could already be infected and never think to take the test, if it is even available in their area.
sadly it's not available hardly anywhere

my ex-wife has possibly been exposed, in Gwinnett County (which is the suburbs of Atlanta) and can't find a way to get tested anywhere. Even the drive-thru testing facility in Cobb is very limited.


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Jul 2013
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Yes. That is a problem. At the same time, not to downplay this issue, but there is no need to panic or be afraid.