Rand Paul tests positive for COVID-19


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Oct 2010
No evidence I've seen substantiates millions of recovered yet.

The "number of confirmed cases" 100 percent obviously is connected to how many people have been tested. The US is still lagging in its testing effort. We've no idea, nor any way to form an idea of how many people have or have had CV. As we test people with symptoms, we're finding more cases.

More than 200,000 people have been tested, and of those almost 27,000 cases have been confirmed. For the most part, only symptomatic people have been tested. Of the almost 27,000 confirmed cases, 340 people have died.

Going on the empirical data thus far, the morbidity rate is a little less than 1.3 percent, about 13 times greater than the estimated morbidity rate for the seasonal flu.

The only firm figure with which we have to work is the number of deaths. We have no way to know how many cases of CV exist.
Jul 2019
Lou Dobbs is in quarantine

If it was only these fuckers who downplayed or voted against bills that help, that were catching it, I'd start believing in God

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