Rand Paul's reckless, feckless actions on coronavirus

Nov 2005
Don't be like Rand Paul.
That's the unbelievable lesson learned this weekend as the Kentucky Republican senator, who is also a doctor, announced that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

But, that's not the bad part. This is: Paul was aware as early as March 15, according to a source close to the senator who spoke to CNN's Jake Tapper, that he had potentially been exposed to the virus -- at a March 7 dinner in Louisville where two attendees later tested positive. Paul hadn't interacted with them according to the source, but he decided to be tested for coronavirus six or seven days ago. As recently as Sunday morning, the Kentucky Republican was working out at the Senate gym.

"We want to be clear, Senator Paul left the Senate IMMEDIATELY upon learning of his diagnosis," read a tweet from Paul's Twitter handle. "He had zero contact with anyone & went into quarantine. Insinuations such as those below that he went to the gym after learning of his results are just completely false & irresponsible!"

That statement, of course, massively misses the point.

Paul spent six or seven days going about a fairly normal routine -- sitting in meetings with fellow senators, going to the gym(!) -- all the while knowing a) he might have been exposed to the virus and b) he was awaiting coronavirus test results.

Every expert recommendation would have been that Paul self-quarantine -- as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz did -- for 14 days given that he knew he had been potentially been exposed. That he not only didn't do that but also apparently didn't inform anyone that he was interacting with that he could well have the disease is an act of profound selfishness.

Ted Cruz recognized the proper action to take.

Rand Paul? The guy who actually went to school and earned a Doctor of Medicine degree?
Not so much...

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May 2018
Rand is just another stupid Republican/Libertarian. He claims he was being responsible because "he got the test at least". Yeah, then did the most irresponsible thing he possibly could and continued to go out in public and expose people to it. What a moron. I'm sure some rightwing halfwits will say "at least he was responsibly tested!!", as if that is any kind of excuse. Hell, it's WORSE in my opinion: he KNOWINGLY had coronavirus and exposed other people to it, that's worse than someone who is ignorant they have the disease.
May 2018
I read this a bit ago, unbelievable. In that week, he could have infected the entire Senate. I realize that he was waiting for results, but he is a doctor and knows better than to do what he did. He should have self-isolated until he got the results.
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Mar 2020
Rand Paul is a little bald headed fairy. No wonder his neighbor beat the shit out of him. Are Kentuckians that fucked up in the head to elect Paul and Moscow Mitch to the senate?
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