Rat and Trash Infestations Across the Country!

Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
The homeless problem nationwide is so bad. And growing. Did you know that up to 20% of homeless are veterans? Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq? Most homeless also suffer from mental illness, others merely made some mistakes in today's economy.

Given all this information, why the hell would Trump slash funding for the homeless (including veterans)????

Trump's proposed budget would hurt LA's homelessness efforts - CarsonWatch

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, which calls for dramatic cuts to public programs, would complicate L.A.’s plans to combat homelessness.
Article first appeared on KPCC

The proposal – which represents the president’s wish list and not a final federal budget – requests $6 billion in cuts from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which is a major funder of local rental assistance projects and affordable housing.
Though the city and county of Los Angeles have recently been granted big funding boosts for anti-homelessness efforts in the past two elections, federal funds remain a key piece of L.A.’s homelessness strategy, local officials said Thursday.
“It’s preliminary,” Yolanda Chavez, an assistant city administrative officer for L.A., said of the proposal. “But this could have a huge impact on our efforts.”
Chavez said HUD’s HOME Program, which is on the president’s list for cuts, is the primary source of affordable housing construction dollars in the City of L.A.
Proposition HHH, which city voters passed in November, dedicates $1.2 billion in local bond money to housing for formerly homeless over the next decade. But many of the projects being considered for approval under HHH’s first round of funding also rely on HOME dollars.
There’s also the matter of how formerly homeless would pay the rent once they’re living in the new developments. Rental help is largely expected to come from another HUD program that could face cuts, said Doug Guthrie, president and CEO of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles.
“The plan is to develop approximately 1,000 units of permanent supportive housing annually, which would require project-based Section 8 long-term contracts,” Guthrie said.
Section 8 is an assistance program that pays portions of a person’s rent and is designed to help poor families, seniors, and individuals stay housed in private rentals. L.A. has few public housing projects and most housing assistance comes in the form of Section 8.
If Section 8 got hit, that might mean the city would have to devote its current vouchers, which sometimes become available if a current recipient dies or gets a better job and leaves the program, exclusively for formerly homeless.
The waitlist for a Section 8 voucher in Los Angeles has been closed for 13 years and officials estimate if they started taking applications, they could get as many as 800,000.
Any cuts, Guthrie said, would further strain what’s already an underfunded program.

Yes I knew that, Funny, But Red State residents take care of their Heros, Blue State leave them live in squalor on the street with rats, fleas and disease
Jul 2019
yeah but Nancy has the money to build a new home...poor widdle maga boy don't.

Howey is so funny, he is so intellectually challenged, cannot dispute the truth so he makes a gif...
Pretty sure Howey downloaded that gif.

But us intellectually superior Red State residents respond with Facts
An 'intellectually superior Red State resident'... this sounds promising.
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Apr 2016
Yes I knew that, Funny, But Red State residents take care of their Heros, Blue State leave them live in squalor on the street with rats, fleas and disease
I wouldn't get too thrilled about Tennessee, old fart.

Tennessee Poverty Rate

Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee all rank in bottom third of states in child well-being

2018 KIDS COUNT State Rankings
Data provided by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and the 2018 KIDS Count Data Book, which assesses child well-being in the United States.


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Apr 2013
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There was just a tweet posted, with pictures of rat traps surrounding the White House. I love it.:lol::lol::lol:
Apr 2016
Just looking for a forum that isn't polluted by the Good Reverend, and it looks like I found one.

How you been?
Him and MacDuff.


It's good here, you'll recognize a few names and a few more that are real asses. Like Tn. Same owner and all that but not nearly as overmodded.
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Nov 2012
This isn’t about Baltimore. That’s the deflection. It’s about Ivanka. And oversight committee chairman Cummings is going to subpoena her. This is driving dotard nuts. The thought of a black man with a position of authority questioning his daughter, is more than he can take. If you think it’s bad now, wait until that subpoena is issued. Not only do I expect dotard to be indicted the second he is out of office, I expect Ivanka to be under the gun also, while he is fighting for his freedom, while several different prosecutors, and attorney generals to be steadily draining their bank accounts for tens of millions in lawyers fees.

We are now seeing criminal donnie becoming unhinged as that time grows near.