real American dump laws

Jan 2019
Soviet Union
Real American Laws.
Very funny ...
Dumb Laws, Stupid Laws: We have weird laws, strange laws, and just plain crazy laws!

- It is forbidden to put ice cream in the back pocket of pants;

- On Friday, it is forbidden to bring in the cinema LION ..
(i.e.,. on Saturday - allowed. On Friday you can bring CROCODIL)

- It is forbidden to detonate a nuclear bomb within the city. Penalty - $ 500
(i.e., outside the city, you can detonate a nuclear bomb)

- It is forbidden to give alcohol to fish, elks and walruses
(i.e.,. cats and dogs - you can)

- Cats that walk in the dark should have a reflective element on the ass. :winktongue:

- Ducks It is forbidden to quack after 7 pm, unless they have previously notified the neighbors
(i.e., ... in America, ducks can read)

- It is forbidden to fish in a Friday, sitting on a camel
(i.e., you can fish on a Saturday, sitting on a giraffe)

- It is forbidden to lick frogs, have a rhino as a pet. It is forbidden to howl like a wolf. (you can howl like a dog). It is forbidden to throw at each other octopuses (oysters - you can)
- In Jasper County, the husband has every right to beat his wife with a stick, provided that the diameter of the stick does not exceed the diameter of the husband’s thumb.
- Any driver who has criminal intent is obliged to stop at the entrance to the city and by telephone inform the police chief about them.
- Women can use the false jaws only with the written permission of the husband.
- Opening tins with a firearm is against the law.
“Everyone knows that Pi is 3.1415, but in Indiana, Pi is 4.
- You can not cross the state border with a duck on his head.

and so on...