Reducing illegal entry into the USA.

Oct 2009
Cliffside Park, NJ
Reducing illegal entry into the USA.

There’s little point to any immigration legislation unless we’re able to reasonably secure our national borders. I'm aware of only four proposed methods for border security that may somewhat reduce illegal entry into the USA.

(1) Drone surveillance aircraft with infra red heat sensors could patrol our more desolate border areas day and night in almost all weather at feasible cost. They would augment, not replace our current border patrols. I think such drone aircraft will also soon be adopted worldwide for search and rescue missions.

(2) Our border fence is expensive to build, maintain, and repair holes made by border crossers; but we may have to keep at least some of it.

(3) I regret that we may need to adopt a national ID cards required by law to be presented by EVERY prospective employee. I feel that our lack of such an ID card is among our nation’s admirable attributes; but this may be among the most effective methods to secure our borders.

(4) Applicant entrepreneurs seeking to import and employ foreign temporary labor must attest such qualified labor is unavailable in the USA. I’d be more willing to believe such an affidavit if the employers stated qualification requirement reasonably fit the tasks to be performed and the employer had previously made a sincere effort to recruit such labor from our nation’s labor pool. In a capitalist economy, offering more money and improved conditions are indications of sincerity.

Did the applicant widely offer 5/4 the greater of the median or mean average pay for temporary work at the given task? What was done for how long a duration to recruit USA’s existing labor?

For comparison purposes, if such tasks are not generally performed in the USA, we’ll use 5/4 the pay scales of labor requiring the most similar skills, study, training and practice. The pay rate of imported workers should not be less than that 5/4 rate. We do not intend to encourage import of labor to undermine USA pay rates.

Each temporary laborer must be bonded for an amount equal to the greater of USA’s annual median or mean average wage. That amount should be annually adjusted. The bonds are forfeited and arrest orders are issued for those who overstay within the USA.

The federal expense due to administrating “guest worker” programs should be entirely defrayed by fees to applicants and additionally to those that have their applications approved. There are significant per capita expenses in policing the treatment and the location of those guest workers. The effects upon our nation’s wage rates, enterprises competing against others employing guest workers all have interests that require federal oversight.

Respectfully, Supposn
Sep 2012
Ventura CA
We do not need to stop illegal entry into the US. There is no way any nation can do that to any degree of certainty.

What we need is for our Government to stop allowing the illegal entry; and States that ignore our immigration laws; and cities that declare themselves "sanctuary" for illegals.

The only thing that will stop these poor souls attempting to escape the failures of their own nation’s economic failures is a system of PROOF of RESIDENCY that cannot be easily counterfeited and an easy and quick temporary work Visa system that allows businesses to employ those who will do the work that few Americans would ever want.

Combine this with an true enforcement mechanism that goes after those who have not left and whose Visas have expired and businesses who violate our laws would take care of the illegal immigration to a great degree.

If they cannot find work in this country, they will not stay.
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Mar 2013
Middle Tennessee
Enforcement, deportations, walls, drones, soldiers, and SS verification is not going to stop illegal employment. Part of the issue is that only 12 million of the 20 million illegals here are hispanic, specifically Mexican and coming across the southern border. No amount of controlling the southern border will stop the flow of illegals.

We simply need to follow the money. There are not 20 million gardeners and nannies in the country. These people work for companies. Small, medium, large and multinational conglomerate.

Now that SCOTUS has ruled that corporations are people too, why not treat them as such ???

If you or I are suspected of a crime, the investigators get a warrant, kick in the front door, take all your records and computers. Basically they shut you down if you own the business. If you work for someone else, how long do you keep your job after being arrested ?? Just being accused can completely destroy your life.

God help you if it goes national and someone like Nancy Grace picks up the story !! Once the talking heads have moved on to the next "breaking news" story, you will have been tried, convicted and sentenced in the court of public opinion. Weeks or months later when the investigators have decided you've done nothing wrong, your life, business, marriage, everything you ever cherished, will have been destroyed. Even once cleared, you will always be "suspect" in the eyes of most of your former friends, bosses and customers.

Sadly, large companies don't get this treatment. A few years ago Walmart was caught with illegals cleaning their stores. Basically they blamed it on a "subcontractor" and promised to be more careful. Any income they lost was due to the bad press and legal fees, not fines or enforcement by the government.

What if, instead of a "stern talking to" by some government lawyer, we treated them the way we get treated. Find an illegal, get a warrant, show up at the head quarters in Benton AR with an army of agents and local LEO's and SHUT THEM DOWN. At the same time have every single store in the country closed and pad locked. Perp walk the CEO and other top management for the news cameras. Maybe the drag the Board of Directors out of their homes just in time for the 10 o'clock news ?? In a few weeks whether or not they find any real criminal activity, the government gives them their stores back, it will have cost them hundreds of millions of dollars.

The family that founded the Hardee's Carl's chain still owns 60 or so stores in the southwest. When Arizona passed their new laws, the CEO did an interview. In that interview he whined about "why should he spend $2 million dollars to open a store, if the state can simply walk in and shut it down". My reaction was DUUUUHHHH !!!! What an arrogant snot !!! THAT IS THE POINT !!! What will the CEO's, board of directors, owners and majority stock holders, of every company in the country do to protect their investments ??? They'll make sure every single employee, down to the contract janitor, KNOWS, you don't hire illegals.

The issue with current enforcement is that it just doesn't work. The chances of getting caught are slim. Even if you do, the penalties don't outweigh the benefits. Instead of charging those at the bottom of the food chain with hiring and employing illegals, where the fines are nominal, charge those at the top of the food chain with conspiracy to defraud. Treat them like small companies and individuals.

Then once we've reduced the illegal population we can, if needed, discuss a "guest worker" program.
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Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
only one thing has slowed illegal entry into this nation..

OBAMA'S ECONOMY... illegals are comming here and there are no jobs. so they are leaving.

Nuff said.
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Apr 2013
The Milky Way
How does it help the American people though? Of course the question is rhetorical, and note no lefty answers this question.

Or is it for the children?

Interesting as well, Latino's are big on gun grabbing. Another reason the Dems want more of 'em. Our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us certain Rights. Referred to in that masterpiece of Thomas Jefferson's 'The Declaration of Independence', as inalienable rights. The choice of the word is very important, he did not use unalienable as those rights can be given up.

Our great Anglo-Saxon culture is being slowly eroded by folks who have no idea of what these rights mean and how much blood has been paid to guarantee them to Posterity. The Latino culture is far different from our European one, the mindset is vastly different in many areas. Latin America for Latino's, USA for those who appreciate our inherent Rights. Some Latino's do appreciate, but polling data suggests they are a minority among Latino's.

Now we all know the real reason behind the massive Latino influx, to change America into something it never was.
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