Religion is stupid


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Apr 2013
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Opinions which credit Bacon or the scientific method with "science" or human innovation as a whole, or which attribute them to all knowledge and human innovation, which is sometimes known as "scientism" (e.x. most of modern technology comes more from the Industrial Revolution and the inventors of that era rather than science directly, and Bacon's scientific revolution was and is not the only significant intellectual movement in recent history).

Or a faith-based belief that "scientific progress" is always a "good thing", when in practice it can have negative side effects, such as nuclear proliferation.

Or equating science or technological progress with human progress as a whole (e.x. during the WWII era, the Nazis were the most advanced in terms of science or technology, but were also committing genocide on a mass scale - showing that scientific progress and human progress do not always perfectly align).
Is a hammer or axe a tool or a weapon?
Oct 2019
Is a hammer or axe a tool or a weapon?
Could be either or, to the best of my knowledge.

(As far as I know, according to the law, anything which is used as a weapon, even if not originally designed for it, could lead to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon).