Remember that Nasty Woman, Professor Karlan, who said conservatives . . .

Feb 2020
Apologies all over the place but.......WThell does this thread/post have to do with the price of eggs?
In December 2019 a witness (in December 2019) tells the truth about donating to Democrats (In December 2019) to GOP Cult Member Matt Goetz, who asks her a few more questions (IN December 2019) then won't allow her to reply
Right, well, those hearings are just shows anyway, not fact finding. One side brings in witnesses to show how horrible the other side is.

When the other side questions the witnesses, they often give speeches disguised as questions, and most of their questions are yes or no, just as when a lawyer cross examines a hostile witness in court.

When asked yes or no questions, witnesses often filibuster instead of answering. The questioner almost always cuts them off because they have a point to make, not really questions they want answers to, and their time is limited.

Notice in the above, I said nothing about Dems/Reps because both parties do it.

If you think that should be changed, write the person in charge of the House and tell them to let witnesses talk as long as they want.


and somehow YOU think this is a worthy topic's March 2020? It's relevant to......? COVID? Immigration? Border security? Ukraine? Campaign 2020? Libertarians?
It was about libertarians, because I specifically mentioned the nasty woman being right about libertarians if she had said it about us.

I posted it on the libertarian section and it was primarily addressed to my fellow libertarians. I understand it then become visible to all on the home page. I prefer it not, but instead of making a big deal about it, I made a recommendation on the feedback section.

AND you add "Just sayin'........" Sayin' what exactly? Would you like to make your point (if you have one)? Anytime soon?
The post was about the coronavirus. If we liberaltarians avoid even each other, we have less likelihood of catching the dread disease. My point is that self-sufficiency, a hallmark of libertarianism, is better than dependency, in a time of crises.

It didn't occur to me to say, "hey, I'm talking about coronavirus here," because that seems to be all we talk about here.

Then you present a parody of Karlan's testimony
OUCH! Are you accusing me or being like Adam Schiff?

Yes or no?

Then take all the time you want.

which was.....she claimed that liberals tend to cluster while conservatives spread out “because they don’t even want to be around themselves.”

Karlan said NOTHING at ALL about 'libs tend to live in cities but cons prefer the suburbs'.
You've lost all credibility here. Find another site.
Ok, well I don't see much difference in the two, but if you find that difference important, I stand corrected.