Remembering 9/11

May 2019
Get your medication dose adjusted. That is my advice.
Ought to explain why for more than 18 years this Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate crusade lynching enforcement jihad objecting to Rehnquist's fabricated misnomer immaculate drug conception in continuation for making a joke out of Mengele concentration camp baptize thine eyes by urinations defamations prior to exterminations of one of Eisenhower's Washington, D.C. born WW II Pentagon staff sergeants for being Islam before 9/11 & the subsequent national religion patriot act subconscious admission of how it's now a Christian Nation from cross conditioned way beyond therapy schizophrenias failed attempt to nuke Temple Mount; where Israel is annexing more of the West Bank as a buffer since Islam & Christians more perfect business union Islamidiotocracy to split up the world has yet to prosecute any.
Jul 2019
Wow, what a story. Thank you.
thanks for the bump, I forgot to read it myself

halfway through and it's a great read

I don't really remember the images of those who jumped or fell being so taboo
I do remember being horrified when I saw it live, so maybe I was just like everyone else and wanted to shut it out