Rentboy, Gay Marriage and “Social Reference Points”.

Dec 2006
New Haven, CT
This is because homosexual people cannot have children with each other (bringing in children from other people is not the same) which means that their relationship is purely emotional in nature. This coincides with things like easy access to divorce or maybe even temporary marriage because if the marriage is only about emotion, when the emotion ends (or far more likely, merely becomes less than other emotions) so ends the marriage.
What you are leaving out of the equation is that for many heterosexual people, marriage is their sole avenue to a sex life. That is rarely the case for gay people - and can have serial "emotional" romances throughout their lives.

Which means that when a gay couple decides to marry and promise fidelity, it is about much commitment and responsibility than merely "emotional response."

In addition, there are many gay couples, like me and my spouse, who raised a son who IS mine biologically from another relationship. So, though we did not "create" this man (he's a man now LOL) together, we were committed to sacrificing and loving and raising him. And, doing that - WITHOUT all the bells and whistles of support, legal protections, etc that straight couples receive automatically - requires even more conscious decision than with straight couples.

I believe that is why the divorce rate for gay people is so low. When a gay couple decides to wed, it REALLY means's not just another reason for a dj powered party.
Dec 2018
London, UK
Legalise and regulate: marriage, adoption, prostitution, all drugs... and anything where we don't see equality and transparency yet. The Government does hold the key to freedom and happiness here.

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