"Rep. Amash introduces bill to end NSA’s domestic surveillance program"

Nov 2017
Interview with Kennedy:

When Rand Paul was running for POTUS 2016, I personally thought it would be great if he had Justin Amash as his VP running mate. I'm thinking now that it would be great if Justin Amash ran for POTUS in 2024.

BTW Amash happens to not be much of a Trump fan, but I can at least respect his reasoning for why he's not a Trump supporter & in fact I can relate to them as a libertarian myself. The difference I suppose comes down to being pragmatic as opposed to being purely idealist or theoretical. I'm more of a pragmatic libertarian in the short run. In the long run, I do want the ideological libertarian goals to be achieved.

Trump is more oriented towards being a practical problem solver (but he can't easily solve problems if political agenda-oriented folks like Pelosi try to get in the way) rather than a philosopher & idealist & in the short run he's doing what needs to be done to fix thing. He's simply working on fixing the low hanging fruit problems.

Once things are fixed, then we can shift gears and focus on the long term. Someone like Trump is good for the short term & someone like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, or Justin Amash - maybe Mike Lee & a few others that have been around, maybe even some of the new members of congress such as Dan Crenshaw; there are others out there who aren't currently politicians who also seem appealing.

One of my main reasons for ending up being a Trump supporter was because pretty much everyone else running for POTUS sucked *, except for Rand Paul (on the GOP side). I'm what Hillary calls a deplorable (not to mention I find the way she handled things like Benghazi, official email, and classified information unacceptable), so I had to vote for Bernie Sanders during the primary (in Virginia we can vote for candidates in the 2 dependent party primaries for either party, but not both parties), just to make sure she wasn't the Democratic Party candidate (and I probably would've resorted to voting for uncle Bernie in the main election if it had been him instead of Hillary, and anyone else other than Trump or Rand on the GOP side).

But anyways, for now, there are things that can be done by the legislative branch & those serving in it, such as getting rid of unconstitutional domestic surveillance programs.