Report: Ukranian Oligarch's Promised Giuliani Dirt on Biden

Dec 2018
If this reporting pans out, that's it.

  • Dmitir Firtash is a Kremlin-linked Ukrainian Oligarch, currently charged with conspiracy by the US
  • Firtash pays his two Ukrainian associates Igor and Lev
  • Igor and Lev go to Rudy and promise dirt on Biden, in exchange for him getting the DOJ to stop going after Firtash
The only thing unknown is if Rudy told Trump or if Rudy was doing on this on his own. Considering the entire state department was shifted to allow Rudy to spearhead Ukrainian initiatives and not career diplomats, it's hard to believe Trump knew nothing about this.
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Dec 2018
Should be noted that Firtash is currently under house arrest in, Vienna. You know why that's important?
  • Rudy Giuliani made a sudden trip overseas just before he went on air and waved around phoney papers claiming they were affidavits for Biden. You know where he got those? From Firtash, in Vienna
  • Rudy's buddies Igor and Lev were arrested at the airport with one-way tickets. You know where those tickets were to? Vienna
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For all the RW poutrage over Hunter Biden, why has no right winger brought up Ivanka and her 37 or more Chinese patents and Jared getting financing from people he met on official US government trips and all the other dirty crap Trump and his family pull?
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Jul 2019
my dog woke me up at the crack o dawn so I put on old Rachel Maddow youtubes to try to go back to sleep

I know some people can't take her, but she has been nailing this stuff for a while

this is from Sept 24 (the same day Pelosi launched inquiry) so a lot of these connections weren't known by us yet, but she already had it figured out

I recommend the whole thing but she gets into Firtash around the 12. She explains why he's an oligarch, and American legal issues, including hiring Giuliani associates Toensing and Di.....(sorry it's too early to try to spell the other one)

Firtash hired Toensing and DiG for the sole purpose of getting trump's attention. they're the TV lawyers, and who's the most famous TV watcher in the country?

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