Rudy Giuliani says he was key player in Yovanovitch ouster, has proof of Dem impeachment a 'cover-up'


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Oct 2010
These MFs are using one of the oldest tricks in the book: accuse the other guy of doing what you did, counting on everyone being to uninformed to see what you're doing. And, I can hardly blame any American not taking the time to understand the goings-on in the terribly corrupt Ukrainian government and its oligarchy, second only to Russia.

I did my best to lay it out here, post #898: Official thread: How is the impeachment trial going?

In a nutshell:

After the Maidan Revolution and the ouster of Yanukovych, the Ukrainians got a new government, only they didn''t. Poroshenko, the new president, wars arguably more corrupt than Yanukovych, though he did wear different political clothes.

Shokin, one of the ghouls Giuliani has met with, was appointed prosecutor general, but he did not investigate those at the heart of Ukraine's ongoing corruption. In fact, Shokin led raids and investigations into Ukraine's Anti-Corruption Action Center. Great guy, just the kinda guy ol' Rudy would enlist to prove Ukrainian meddling and the Biden's guilt.

Ironically, Shokin had put on hold investigation into the oligarch, Zlochevsky, heading Burisma!!!!!!! Further irony, Shokin himself was raising suspicion that he was using the threat of investigating Burisma to solicit bribes from Zlochevsky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's so much more to this intrigue but here's the bottom line: Giuliani's case is that Trump's possible contender, Joe Biden, sought to pressure Poroshenko into removing Shokin, who was not investigating Burisma or Hunter's alleged wrongdoing there.....

It's nucking futs on its face, but that detail has never stopped Rudy or Donald.

And this:

Rudy Giuliani says he was key player in Yovanovitch ouster, has proof of Dem impeachment a 'cover-up'
Rudy Giuliani, a personal attorney for President Trump, said Monday that he played a key role in forcing ex-U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch from her post earlier this year, and claimed that he has evidence the Trump impeachment inquiry is a "cover-up" of Democratic malfeasance.​
Giuliani, one of Trump's most loyal defenders, told Laura Ingraham on "The Ingraham Angle" that he helped forced out Yovanovitch because she was corrupt and obstructing the investigation into Ukraine and the Bidens.​
Giuliani raised eyebrows recently after an interview was published in the New Yorker where he was quoted saying that he needed her "out of the way" because she would make the investigation into the Bidens "difficult for everybody."​
He told Ingraham that he needed her out of the way because she was corrupt. Giuliani said he was not the first person to go to the president with concerns about the diplomat.​
In more tweets Tuesday, Giuliani elaborated: "Yovanovitch needed to be removed for many reasons most critical she was denying visas to Ukrainians who wanted to come to US and explain Dem corruption in Ukraine. She was OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE and that’s not the only thing she was doing. She at minimum enabled Ukrainian collusion."​
...He added that he interviewed several individuals who claimed Yovanovitch was "holding up" their U.S. visas "in order to obstruct the investigation of collusion in the Ukraine and specifically to obstruct the Biden investigation."​
"It is a cover-up, a cover-up," Giuliani claimed.​
The law firm representing Yovanovitch did not immediately respond to an after-hours email from Fox News for comment. Yovanovitch and others have described Giuliani as leading what one called an "irregular channel" outside the diplomatic mainstream of U.S.-Ukraine relations. Ingraham asked the former mayor why Trump didn't go to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about concerns with Yovanovitch.​
"I have that testimony under oath. I gave it to the State Department. They never investigated a single witness. When they say that she is innocent, it is innocent-without-investigation," he added....​

Yep, Rudy couldn't even get Pompeo to look into the Bidens or Yovanovich. Good God, Rudy and Trump are surrounded by the enemy.
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