Russia is found guilty of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash

Dec 2016
Economics, evidently.

THE news that a passenger jet had been shot down on July 17th, apparently following the bungled targeting of a surface-to-air missile, was met with horror. Along with many other questions about the tragedy, some have wondered what Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was doing flying over eastern Ukraine, which has been the setting of a low-intensity war for several months. Since the downing of MH17, commercial jets have steered clear of Ukraine (as can be seen on flight-tracking websites such as flightradar24, pictured). But how often do passenger planes normally fly over war zones? And how risky is it?​
Taking a detour to avoid an area of conflict means spending more time in the air, burning more fuel. So airlines go direct if they consider it safe. Malaysia Airlines was not the only operator crossing eastern Ukraine at the time of the tragedy. L980, the route in question, was the flight path chosen by many passenger jets travelling between the big cities of Europe and South Asia. In fact, wars usually have little impact on commercial flights. As fighting raged in Afghanistan, for instance, in the skies above it was mostly business as usual for the world’s airlines.​

Why was MH17, a civilian airliner, flying over a war zone?

The doomed Boeing 777 was following an air traffic routing between Europe and Asia that is issued by dozens of jets a day and was in a section of air space deemed safe by international aviation authorities.​
Within hours of Thursday’s disaster, all air space around eastern Ukraine was shut down. But some airlines had already been avoiding the area amid concerns over the deteriorating security. Two low-flying Ukrainian aircraft—a fighter jet and a military transport plane—were shot down by pro-separatist rebels earlier this week.​
Aviation regulators—including the FAA—had issued a series of notices to pilots in recent weeks prohibiting air space very close to the crash site.​
“This was a very commonly used route and passenger jets fly at high altitudes over many of the world’s hotspots all the time,” said Norman Shanks, professor of aviation security at Britain’s Coventry University. “They chose the most direct and economic flight route possible, which keeps their fuel costs down and is something we expect as customers. They were no different from any other international airline.”

Why was Malaysia Airlines MH17 flying over Ukraine?
I didn't know they were doing this when that plane was shot down, and I'm sure neither did most people! Did anyone at the helm of these aviation bodies ever consider that missiles are flying higher and faster than ever before, and unless they plan on going into space sometime soon, they're not going to be able to fly high enough and if they were willing to put safety ahead of profits, they would not be flying over any warzone.
Out of curiosity, I'd like to know if there's any commercial flights going over that northern border region between India and Pakistan of late! And, it barely got mentioned in western media (for obvious reasons) but last year when a Russian radar-mapping plane was shot down by a Syrian missile, it was discovered that Israeli jets were flying in close enough to that plane as a decoy as they approached a Syrian military installation they intended to attack. When missile launches were detected, they fled the area and the Russian plane was hit. We also discovered that the Israeli Air Force has flown in close to commercial airliners a number of times over Syria and Lebanon....and yet nothing is said or done about it!