Russians and Republicans

Dec 2015
@right to left

Yowzaaaa----WAY TO BLOW a gasket. AND this: Then you care nothing about how US police forces are using coercive methods to obtain guilty pleas, since you don't care if these same tactics are used against foreign nationals! You try spending a night....even one fucking night in a jail cell some time, and tell me how you feel about it afterwards!

So YOUR rebuttal is 1) Clara cares nothing about UW police forces using coercive methods to obtain guilty pleas and 2) Clara should try spending a night in a (explicative) jail cell.
Then you follow that up with "whataboutism" so lengthy it would make a good first chapter (or last) in another rendition of "Inside Guantanamo: The Bad Years".

Contact me when you've calmed down. I'll be here...pondering who to torture next.

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