Sanders campaign demonstrates the beauty of leftism

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Translation, Sabcat is going to ignore what I actually say cause arguing against reality isn't convenient for sensationalism b.s.

And, ahead of the main reply, I'm also going to point out Sabcat is yet again fixating on non-topical b.s. in order to ignore the actual topic of his own thread.

Are you really this stupid?

Earlier you said I didn't click the link. Sabcat: "Translation. Didn't click the link."
I stated I did click the link and explicitly stated I did not finish the video.

Now you want to call me a liar because you are saying I didn't watch the video??? When I explicitly admitted I didn't finish it?

My bet is yet again you did not read the whole of what you were responding to, but you claim somebody is dishonest anyways...

Yup. Sure thing.

My observation was spot on but....

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
And then expecting everyone must watch the video, and, claiming points for your side if they don't sorta ices the back of the line cake.

Kinda like opening a thread where the Op is any source, ignoring that source but rambling on and on about how that source is garbage.

Oh, my. You are the greatest of all time.

Jul 2019
I've noticed the trumpers have to bring up Russia in every thread, even if it has nothing to do with Russia

it's like it's all they think about


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Oct 2010
Wasn't the budget a bi-partisan effort? Are you forgetting Obimbo's record? Now if you had said the deficit is of great concern, I would agree with you.
I doubt it. You raged on Obama's economics. I never have heard you rage on Trump's.