Sarah Huckabee Sanders is out

Dec 2018
Oh no... don't go... what ever shall we do...

Per the tweeter in chief
May 2018
Go ahead and laugh. Don't you people realize what is happening here, the imminent threat to our species? Let me explain.

Every object has a "center of mass". Sanders is currently using up oxygen in Washington, DC. She's moving to Arkansas, about 1,000 miles away. That much mass (Sander's massive weight, estimated to be on the order of 5.23 x10(15) GROSS tons, will be moving 1,000 miles and throwing off the earth's center of mass. A wobble will be induced which will cancel the 26,000 year precession cycle of the Earth. Massive climate changes will result and crop failures will be endemic. Humans will be forced into cannibalism to survive, and our species will be, ultimately, doomed.

So essentially I'm saying....I"m glad she's gone.