Sarah Sanders Says God Wanted 'Trump To Become President’

Dec 2016
Well, looky at you---all self-righteous and freely assigning blame. Do you really think Democrats are oblivious to our policy/platform/leader's flaws?
Yes, next question!
Get real.
Do you really think we are that naive?
Followers who keep getting in line to support the same people who disappoint them every time are certainly naive! The leaders are just coldly cynical and manipulative and want to see how many votes they can wring out of a particular voter base while offering them nothing that costs them support from oligarchs and major donors.
Apparently so, but we really do GET IT.
No you don't! Otherwise you would demand more from a political party that is slowly sinking under the waves as its targeted demographic supporters get tired and fed up with being fed the same garbage and either move left or right for answers to their economic woes.
Democrats understand that politics is dirty business--always has been. We understand that some (maybe most) of our candidates are far from perfect. Some are downright miscreants. Do you think we blissfully voted for Clinton because she was pure as the driven snow? Get over yourself.
Democratic strategists understand that they have to lie 100% of the time to their voters BECAUSE their financial interests and backers are on the other side of the economic divide!
So, when they step out of the identity politics box and talk about dollars and cents, they may begin with an issue like universal medicare and scoff at Bernie Sanders and his simpleminded supporters for "Wanting a Pony!" in Hillary Clinton's very words during the 2016 Campaign....and then blame Deplorables, Russians, Julian Assange and on and on, rather than accept the blame herself for being so out of touch with average Americans that she didn't have the sense to shut up for once and try to obfuscate the point like Kamala Harris does today......appear to promise universal healthcare/while telling big pharma and insurance backers "don't worry, I didn't really mean it!"

So, that's the dilemma for today's Democrats, because..contrary to your grow up and accept the bullshit and the lying argument, Republicans Do NOT have to lie to their core supporters all the time! Most of the time, maybe...but their financial supporters and average white middle aged and older boorish louts agree on many issues where the much more class-conscious left Does NOT!
Politicians lie. ALL OF THEM. Presidents (both parties) LIE. All of them. For all sorts of reasons. This country is swirling the bowl and everyone agrees that there is work to be done, but until we bring in some new recruits--some new ideas and solutions we're stuck. 2020 is coming. I'm trying to be the optimist.
There could be a job opening soon for a new Trump press secretary...might be worth checking out, considering that low bar your setting for our political leaders!