Second Amendment Rights Rallies Scheduled Across US on April 14th

Feb 2014
I would love to join the march with my already made sign, but I have conflicting demands on my time and couldn't find information on where and when the march begins in Eugene.
Dec 2015
Another one where the press outnumbers the demonstrators.

The Americans for America?? What a hoot! Truly, the intellect involved is mind-blowing.

I mean who's the genius that "THUNK" up the bumper sticker Americans for America? Never mind--I found THE LIBERTY DEN Fbook page. Masterminded by Dave Clayton.
Then add to that this comment from the piece, "Unfortunately, this takes place the same weekend as the USCCA's Concealed Carry Expo that most of our team will be attending. This is unfortunate because we cannot afford to have a poor turnout for anything we do, and the Expo will attract several thousands of people from across the country." Giggle....didn't really think this whole thing through, did we, Boys?

My suggestion? Get a bunch of high school kids to organize the next rally.
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Jul 2014
Literally, hundreds of people turned out across the country, as a counter point to the hundreds of thousands that were marching 3 weeks ago.

Maybe they should get some high school kids to organize the next one......
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