See the able, not the label

Dec 2018

As the husband of a social worker and a respite provider for five kids, four of which have some form of physical, neurological, or mental disability, this video is a reminder to why we should look for things people CAN do, rather than the things they can't.

Kodi Lee is an inspiration. I hope he goes far.
Mar 2019
You think like i do. Great op.

It really gives a new look at what is inside people cause honestly i did not think this was possible and i see what others have seen in people that i would have wrote off in the past as not being capable.
To me it is more than an inspiration but an eye opener that the masses need to experience. A hidden truth that in the past only a few thought existed.
Feb 2014
My grandmother's generation of teachers thought it was their job to help individual children discover their own talents and interest. It was a period in our history when education was focused on democracy and preparing everyone equally to make their best contribution to the country. Our equality was seen as equality under the law, not meaning that we are all the same. We are not all the same but we are very different and must find our unique place in the world. The other side of this is making room for our individuality and not judging each other.

However, that does mean a failure to have shared morals and values. It is by sharing morals and values that we create a better world. Shared morals and values is what makes liberty possible, and we seem to have forgotten this.

The universal golden rule is, do unto others as you would have them do to you. A goal of democracy is to enable everyone to make their best contribution. Our technology makes a better world possible, but I don't think we have fully realized our new reality, and conservatives are holding us back.
May 2019
I don't know that the golden buzzer has the same effect for a blind contestant. LOL.

Hopefully he goes far, but a lot will depend on the depth of his playlist. Sometimes on these things, people hone a song for months or even years, but then don't have a lot of songs to come next week and the week after and the week after.