Seems Mollie Tibbetts' family is sick of the right using her

May 2018
You on the right might want to stop exploiting this young woman's death. Her family does not apreciate it at all.

Tibbetts' family has been vocal about her death being used to politicize immigrant issues."Especially for those of you who did not know her in life, you do not get to usurp Mollie and her legacy for your racist, false narrative now that she is no longer with us," Sandi Tibbetts Murphy wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post. "We hereby reclaim our Mollie."

At Tibbetts' funeral last Sunday, her father, Rob Tibbetts, referenced the growing anti-immigrant tension and said, "the Hispanic community are Iowans. They have the same values as Iowans," according to the Des Moines Register. "As far as I'm concerned, they're Iowans with better food."

Conservatives have been firm in connecting Tibbetts' death with the illegal status of her alleged killer.

After the news of her death, the White House began to use the case as a talking point for revising immigration law.

"Mollie Tibbetts, an incredible young woman, is now permanently separated from her family," President Donald Trump said on a video he tweeted. "A person came in from Mexico, illegally, and killed her. We need the wall. We need our immigration laws changed. We need our border laws changed, we need Republicans to do it because the Democrats aren't going to do it."

The President's namesake, in an op-ed published Friday in the Des Moines Register, said the accusation that Republicans were politicizing Tibbetts' death was an "absurd claim."

"Despite what some Democrats may wish in the depths of their hearts, Mollie was murdered by an illegal alien and her murder would never have happened if we policed our southern border properly," Donald Trump Jr. wrote.

He urged Iowans to vote out Democrats, who he said are "heartless" and "despicable" and are more concerned with an open-border agenda than the lives of Americans.

Rob Tibbetts wrote an op-ed in the Register on Saturday in which he said the family is again appealing to politicians to stop using her death in the immigration discussion.

"I encourage the debate on immigration; there is great merit in its reasonable outcome. But do not appropriate Mollie's soul in advancing views she believed were profoundly racist," he wrote.

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