Shame on you for defending this pig


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Jul 2013
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FWIW... I'm not even remotely interested in just another new drama from the hill. I should be, but im just not. Here why:

The veracity for either Kavanaugh or Ford is not what's important. What is important is that he is a conservative nominee to scotus that can tip it to the right for years to come and so must be resisted by all means possible. Innocent or guilty is of no importance.
Now i realise many will say he is not facing criminal trial. No, he's not. He is, like countless other known and unknown people have faced, something far more sinister and worse. Trial by media and mob rule.
This is scary as hell. Anyone of us can go throw this at anytime and for any reason. There is still yet any acknowledgment or redress for the long erosion of our rights that had begun during the McCarthy era.

Now... What is important about Mrs Ford is not who she is or what she possibly had really experienced. But that she can make or break this by either bringing down his nomination with truth or be exposed as a liar and ensure his confirmation to scotus. Or... Have no effect either way, which thereby... making this into another pointless exercise of partisan politics which American citizens have sadly become well versed in by now and even take a willingly active part in now a days.

Their persons, apart from this shit show, can be and are expendable.

These very real and surely flawed human beings who are but mere pawns in a political chess match in our beloved country, In which.... I'm quite ashamed to be witnessing in our country yet again!

Just my scattered thoughts on the topic
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Sep 2015
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Brett Kavanaugh has more respectability in his little finger than every Democrat on the Judicial Committee combined.....This man's honesty being judged by Blumenthal, the lying, not the Vietnam veteran Marine..... seriously???

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