Should Muslims have to let their children be taught LGBTQ lessons in school?

Dec 2006
New Haven, CT
The guy talking around 6:00 talks about the teacher having an 'agenda' ... it's not an agenda - it's the rule and law of the nation!
May 2018
I think it's ridiculous that religious groups have any say whatsoever in what is taught in schools.

And I certainly don't think that Muslims should have any more say in it than Christian groups should have - and we know that there are Christian groups who are virulently anti-gay.
Agreed, religion should have no say in public school curriculum. We gay people exist, and we're always going to. There is nothing wrong with kids knowing that we do.
Dec 2015
Is this happening in the USA? NO
Do I have any influence or opinion on what happens in the UK? NO.
Can Muslims homeschool?
Are there private schools?
Are there Muslims on school boards?
Does the government in the area dictate the school curriculum?
Nov 2005
Muslims shouldn't have to allow their children to be taught the rule of law in the U.K. in a U.K. public school?
Exactly! It boggles my mind how many parents don't seem to get this...

Public schools are typically paid for by general tax-payer money. As such, the tax-payers (regardless of whether or not they have children who go there) get a say in what gets taught.
Too many parents have a mindset that it's essentially "their" education system. Worse, when it comes to some parents who demand they receive a "voucher" from the state whereby they can take tax-payer money to pay for private school education, they have a delusional mindset that it's their money.

If Muslims want to dictate what their kids are taught while ignoring the tax-payers' wishes, they can pay their own money to send their kid to private schools.

Then they can send their kids to a private school if they want to try to keep their kids ignorant of other people.
BTW, gay people are not an ideology. We simply exist.
This is another central problem to the situation.
Gay people don't "choose" to be gay. We are gay.
The muslims who are objecting to the message that it's "okay to be gay" are sending a message that gay kids should not be accepted for who they are.

Imagine if we had a severe problem with kids being bullied because they are short and a group of people were objecting to a message of "it's okay to be short".
Of course we wouldn't want the school to back down.
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