Should the NRA be banned as a terrorist organization?

Should the NRAbe banned?

  • 1) no you gun grabbing commie

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  • 3) yes reluctantly if it is found they have committed sedition , but i support free speech

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  • 4) yes disarm the fascists! arrest the fascists! shut up the fascists!

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Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
We … did not mean any of the things we said.
For years, the NRA has been snuggly with Russia, pushing policy that supports the easy export of weapons and supporting “gun-rights groups” within Russia that NRA officials were well aware had no existence outside of propaganda. And there was money. The NRA has admitted to receiving small amounts of cash in the form of dues from Russian members. It hasn’t illuminated the sudden influx of untagged funds that almost, just by coincidence, exactly matched the record $30 million that the group plowed into Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016.

In the past, NRA officials didn’t exactly hide their love of all things Moscow. Not only did NRA representatives make multiple pilgrimages to the authoritarian homeland, and frequently snap publicity shots with oligarchs, Russian soldiers, and Kremlin insiders, but the organization also pushed a kind of “brutalist cool,” reflecting a presentation that valued a robust use of violence rather than wimpy old democratic debate. It’s railed against bills that would have restricted imports of semiautomatic weapons made in Russia.

Free speech is one thing but treason is another NRA desperately backpedaling from Russia as investigators look closer


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Jul 2013
North Texas
Whatever someone's pet peeve with the NRA leadership is is inconsequential to the repercussion such an act would cause. I can't think of a better way to turn millions of law abiding citizens into criminals and state defined terrorists over night! NOT EVEN REMOTELY A GOOD IDEA!!!
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May 2018
I think the NRA should be investigated for it's links to Russia and prosecuted vigorously for campaign finance violations if found guilty of them. I think the NRA is wildly irresponsible for the most part, but the organization itself shouldn't be criminalized. It should be de-radicalized.