Should we treat transgenders as mentally ill?

Sep 2015
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How is that state "education" in women's studies working out?
That was the exact same snip you copy and pasted before, Jimbo. You are still leaving out the line where it clearly states that gender dysphoria is NOT a mental disorder!!! So funny. Nice try.

Don't forget, if you ever knew it in the first place (seriously doubt it), that gender dysphoria is only one aspect of the umbrella "transgender" group. Many others who are gender non-conforming, gender queer, non-binary, whatever, do not have gender dysphoria.

Also, most insurance plans don't cover the things listed in that section of the DSM-5. Most companies view those things as "elective" and not necessary. Try to read up on a topic before jumping in next time.
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Feb 2014
Wow, that is one helluva straw man he built.


Let me take a peek at the ol' DSM-5. Nope, gender dysphoria is NOT a mental disorder.

That was too easy.
Yes, ever since way back in 2012, when it became cool and popular and stuff. I mean fuck helping people, lets look cool and have popular ideas. As a bonus, we get to throw a big bone to the MD Surgical side of things. Brilliant!!

But hey fuck the truth. We got to be the hip cool kids right? I mean even if there is tons of science, in the name of political correctness only that science that fits the cool people's narrative shall be discussed. Any mention of opposing ideas or science will be met with ridicule, regardless of the truth. For fun, lets throw some of it out anyway

What do the statistics say about transgender mental health?

50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides | Public Discourse

In a recent Straight Dope Message Board thread about transsexuality, one commenter offered the following: “People who have gender identity disorders . . . are just dudes dressing up as chicks and/or dudes who have gotten a doctor to mutilate them to have imitation female genitalia (or [the other way around for women], I guess.) . . . GID patients have a mental illness and society should be looking into ways to eradicate that mental illness through some form of treatment that isn’t the equivalent of giving a paranoid schizophrenic who thinks he’s Napoleon a bicorn hat and a saber.” Care to comment? —Startled Lurker
I’m not inviting that guy to the next meeting of my LGBT support group. However, from a certain perspective, he’s got a point.
Does Gender Reassignment Surgery Lead to Happiness? - Washington City Paper

The above excerpts and quotes from the linked article are pretty good. The author I believe is gay and is even offering reason why to question this. Again, the pc police will have none of that.
Homosexual and transgender activists continue to push sex change surgery as the "necessary treatment" but it may, in fact, cause irreversable damage to the patient.
Anyone considering the surgery should proceed with "extreme caution" and be evaluated by psychologists who do not have a reputation of promoting the surgery.
Research I've found - Sex Change Regret
Sep 2015
Stage Left
For the trolls here who do not understand the first thing about gender studies, transgender issues, and transsexuals (this is the group that transitions from one to the other) -- many transsexuals do not get "bottom surgery." That is the GRS that gets everyone's panties in a bunch around here. Many FTM (female to male) do get "top surgery" and I will let you guess if you can figure out what that is....

There is an enormous spectrum here, and it isn't just a bunch of crazy dudes who want to cut their junk off and get fake boobs. Anyone who thinks that is all that is going on is really fucking stupid.
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Feb 2016
Deer Park, Washington
Of course he hasn't. However, what he is doing is insulting EVERY military vet we have at this site --- because NONE of them would be able to truly prove that they served.

Wow, way to piss off (and all over) all the vets here.
Lame. I'm exposing one lying corrupt leftist here of stolen valor.