Should we treat transgenders as mentally ill?

Mar 2016
Let's address child marriage first. That WILL NOT CHANGE. We have a list of things children are not allowed to do. Smoke, drink alcohol, drive cars, vote, get married. It's called consent !!! and children can't give it. We're talking about CONSENTING ADULTS.
LOL Of course it will. Its already been allowed by a court in Italy.

Get educated.

Berlusconi Underage Sex Conviction Overturned By Italian Court : The Two-Way : NPR

And you are not relying on law for consent. You are relying on your own moral judgement making you no different than the people who make a moral judgement on gay marriage.

The difference is we have science on our side and you don't. :)

As for the polygamy ?? SO WHAT ?? This is the difference between you and I. I truly DON'T CARE who you chose to call family, or how you live your life. Just as long as you are having NO negative impact on me or anyone else and as long as you aren't harming children. If you want two wives, go for it !! As long as neither of them are being forced or coerced into the arrangement. THAT is the point. I don't have to like or agree with you or your lifestyle. But I will absolutely defend your right to live it. You on the other hand would take that choice away from certain people because you disagree with their decisions.
Your own moronic argument you just made excused child marriage which many polygamists practice. Well done.

When you get right down to it, most of our laws were written to discourage people from doing bad things to other people. Either directly or indirectly. If someone steals from you, you've obviously been harmed. Hopefully the police catch the thief and put him in jail as punishment for stealing from you. Your city probably has laws requiring you to maintain your property. If you don't, your property will have a negative impact on the value of the property around it.

So tell me, what negative impact does gay or polygamous marriage have ?? If the answer is none, then why have a law against it ??
Answer my question. I've already posed it multiple times. How does child marriage impact you? Answer the question and I'll be happy to answer yours. Don't hide behind the law when you were overjoyed to see the law overturned for sexual practices you like.

The government, fed, state or local, really should NOT be in the business of regulating marriage. Marriage should NOT require the state's approval. Likewise the state shouldn't be handing out benefits to those that get married. But since they do these things, they are required to treat everyone equally. Unless you can find some compelling reason, other than you just don't agree with it, there is no reason for the state to deny several million citizens the same rights and benefits you take for granted.
I've already proven they don't treat everyone the same. Can't marry your cousin, cant marry a child cant marry multiple partners so spare me this BS argument when your reality doesn't exist.

The courts didn't "create new law", they struck down a bad law. A law that served no purpose, had no compelling reason for existing, and sought to discriminate against millions of our citizens. A law based mostly on some people religious beliefs and a general dislike for certain groups.
Please show me in the Constitution where a law must meet your approval before people can vote it in.

I can't wait to see this. :)