SNL Has More Material--Thanks, Donald

Dec 2015
I honestly didn't believe this and as you all know I think Donald J Trump is most certainly the dumbest man on the planet....but...this really happened.

Our president had an intelligence briefing today which must have interrupted his "executive time" because during his briefing he referred to Nepal as "nipple" and called Bhutan "button". Brooke Baldwin was interviewing CNN national security correspondent John Walcott:
Walcott: There are a combination of things. The first one is the president’s ignorance. That goes to the point of thinking that Nepal and Bhutan – which incidentally he also mispronounced a 'nipple' and 'button' – are part of India, which they’re not.​
“Wait, seriously? That’s what he said?” asked a shocked Baldwin.

Walcott responded: "Seriously.”

He (DJT) then went on to incorrectly identify both as being part of India.

Baldwin LOST IT on camera.

Trump 'called Nepal and Bhutan Nipple and Button' in intelligence briefing
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