So, How Should We Punish Abortion.

Mar 2019

this is the first time you have actually provided anything resembling an answer to a pretty straight forward question. part of me wants to say thank you, but most of me wants to smack your head into the wall for being a troll.

yours is not an uncommon point of view. it still doesnt fully answer the question, but it does clarify why you struggled to answer: you are a shallow 2 dimensional person who can only see black and white, and this is a complicated multifaceted issue thats largely shades of grey, its hard to make it fit into your simplistic world view.

You are a joke and a troll. I have answered your question about 5 times now and you claim i did not. Bring on your violence if you feel that it will make you feel better.

You can not even state a question i the form of a question and your op titled "how should we punish abortion" shows you need to get an education instead of spending your time on here trolling and threatening violence.

Better education easier access to contraception will result in less people having abortions while focusing on rehabilitation and not punishment is the same answer i have givin you all along. Allowing men to have more of a say in the matter at a certain point would be more than enough punishment for most women.
Mar 2008
i have better things to spend my time on than arguing with an unintelligent liar like you.
Oct 2019
In practice, women don't have any rights to an abortion unless the state decides it, and most state lawmakers are male.

So she can imagine she has a right to one, but when push comes to shove, it will be the state making that decision.

And given that abortion correlates with poverty, most of them will not have the money or resources to have an abortion or fight for their "right" to one to begin with, unless they do so with a coat hanger.

Might be a better decision to be virtuous and productive, like women who built society such as Marie Curie, rather than the underclass.