So trump secretly invited the Taliban to Camp David?

Nov 2005
Sorry I don't buy it you, hate Trump supporters, you have made it obvious.
No. You are projecting, yet again.

I challenge you to QUOTE EXACTLY WHAT HAVE I SAID which contradicts my stated position.
For the record, I am not insulting "anyone who supports Trump".​
If anything (although I disagree with your term), I am insulting people who can never disagree with Trump.​
There is a clear and distinct difference.​

Of course, you'll never be able to do that and instead you'll just mindlessly repeat that you think my stated position is not my real one.
Again, why?
Because you cannot handle admitting others having an opinion which is not convenient to your beliefs.
May 2018
okay fine. You’re allowed your opinion. I personally think trump is anti-American. I hope you’ll respect my right to have that opinion as well.
Trump is not only anti-American. He is working to harm Americans:

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Legalize Workplace Discrimination Against Gay Employees

Obama did this:

President Obama Signs Executive Order on LGBT Workplace Equality

We gay folks are US citizens. We deserve the same rights as everyone else. We should not be able to be fired because we exist. We had a good president before Trump.

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