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Dec 2018
Can you give one or two examples of how 'life' is 'good' and how today or yesterday was a 'good' day and give reasons why?

I ask this question because it seems as if the ideas of what a 'good day' was before is not the same today. And I'm unsure of what a 'good day' might be for today's time.

The 'good days' of my past were days filled with not over congestion on streets, not over congestion on sidewalks, not over congestion with new 'residents' or 'recent move ins', kind of like a regular everyday kind of day that was not overly different than any other previous months or days. I'm not sure if your town is like this but alot of new 'entries', alot of persons saying they are local residents but don't seem to be so, alot of non law abiding excuses from non local residents, etc...

So what are the 'good days' of today and how are they spent and what makes a day a 'good day'?

Or am I just out of 'luck' by being in an out of luck kind of town/city?
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Dec 2018
Here is an example. 3 days ago was Christmas day. The 25th. Most Christmas pasts were spent in the usual ways, with family or with friends, sometimes at bars, sometimes here sometimes there. The streets would be more 'emptied' than 'full'. But this last Christmas day, the streets were like every other work day. Filled and congested, noisy and busy. Is this the new Christmas trend?

I mean, even in San Francisco in Christmas days past, the streets were never over crowded, the pedestrian foot traffic was never like an ordinary New York busy hectic day. But all of a sudden it is becoming as such. Maybe not in San Francisco, maybe not in New York. But here it was and I'm wondering if it is happening where you are at also?

I do know that with a 500 thousand dollar 'investment' into the U.S, a person can become a 'citizen'. So I'm wondering if all these 'newly arriving' pedestrians are those 500 thousand dollar investors? But even with a 500 thousand dollar investment, they still have no jobs and they still seem to not have introduced themselves to this society and community. For the 'residents' to try to make any kind of conversation with them means you might get a cold 'snob' back for the conversation starter.

I was in a local store. A lady was in front of me and the cashier asked her a very basic question. I can't remember the exact question she asked but it was in the line of, 'it is a nice day', or 'are you having a nice day'.

The customer looked at her with a cold look, kind of pursed her lips to one side and almost spoke out of the corner of her mouth. Her voice was stand offish as if she didn't want to be bothered or as if she didn't appreciate being asked a question. She left and the cashier tended to my purchase next. I brought up how curt she seemed to be and the cashier seemed to have almost 'justified' the customer's way of dealing with her question. It was almost as if the cashier found those ways of dealing with customers the 'new norm'. But she did agree that she did seem more 'cut offish' than friendly although this grocery store is in a little, very little community.

I understand that with a 500 thousand dollar investment the investor might feel as if they should have some 'courtesy' or 'respect'. But which resident hasn't put in 500 thousand dollars from the day they were born to present with school, store purchases, etc?? The local residents, although they might not have come in with a 500 thousand dollar citizenship investment, they did take over where their parents left off and that was to keep to the neighborhoods, the schools, the parks and recreations, etc... Then all of a sudden these new persons come in and when a conversation is attempted at, all you get is a strange kind of response that leaves the conversation more 'strange' than 'acquainting'.

So I'm wondering... Is this happening in your town?

Also keep in mind what was previously said. A small neighborhood. A very very small neighborhood with not much 'fun attractions' and 'daily events' going on besides the ordinary same ole same ole which in times past was very casual, very relaxed and very 'ordinary'.

I mean, how often or how daily can a person get joy visiting the same shopping mall every day seeing the same stores and walking on the same streets, day in and day out? Week after week, month after month without having some kind of familial ties to 'sanity' and 'normal'?

But hey.. if they have 500 thousand dollars to put into 1 investment then I guess they are more ahead of the game than most; even the local residents.

I guess the next thing they will 'gain' might be rightful U.S work with rightful U.S income tax filings.

As far as the previous 'residents', it seems they are not too near to be 'found'. They might have relocated or went on some out of State trip.

For myself, a very good indicator to the local 'environment' is to see the grade schools and the 'kids' that attend them. These are good indicators as to what sorts of families are nearby. But all of a sudden, even the grade school teeshirts and shirts with their school 'logo/emblem' are not as seen, 'before school' and 'after school', as before.

It must be easier today to be a kid and to put blame on others than it was before. It seems that today, the youths have alot more 'defense' than in times past even though they often times can't admit their wrong until 'corrected'. And with their parents standing aside to allow for their youths to 'prove their point', the youths can't do anything besides do all they can to try to have their point proven. When will parents begin to take responsibility for their children again?

And so you have the parents and you have the youths. And as the youths try to prove their points and as the parents stand aside to see their points proven, nothing gets done during the days besides making points.

There is a difference between 'black and white' written on paper. And then there is the 'lack of substantial evidence' for any kind of long term provocations. The 'black and white' evidences, if not looked into can cause future problems unless they think that all sorts of possible future problems are of 'their own' kinds. This also is foolishness thinking that they might be able to 'handle' any kind of future problems.

in other words to think that their own local 'criminal activities' is under belt and buckle with no fear for any other sorts of 'dangers' is foolishness.

But all a resident can do is either sit tight, try to get through the day as usual or find a way to relocate with limited sources of information and funds.

So I wouldn't know. Seems a bit 'over the top' with such allowances to have gotten this far but if it has, I guess if not corrected sooner than never, things can get really really bizarre.

And then there is the 'other side'. All the previous mentioned has to do with the physical/material things. Then there is the non physical, the non material things to which if not corrected sooner than never could also get very bizarre.

Granted a community can 'lie'. And their 'lie' could result in 'lying' results. False things. And these false things will need to be funded with some kinds of funding from some place. And these 'false' lies can cause the residents to 'relocate' if they do not desire to remain in it. And that is fine since it is up to the individual to relocate if they choose and do. But for those who do not or cannot for whatever reason, they should not need to be runned out of the society due to some non correction on the parts of the physical/material 'law' enforcers and/or because of some non correction on the parts of the non physical/non material 'law' enforcers.

The combination of non law enforcers for both the physical/material sides as well as for non enforcers of the non physical/non material side would only prove disaster for those that desire to be law keepers rather than 'non caring'.

Without any law enforcers, law keeping is as good as a fairy tale or a myth.
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Dec 2018
So, how are your 'good' days spent and what are some 'examples' of what makes a 'good day' a 'good day'?

If you don't mind me 'asking' through typing?

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