Jan 2015
Because, like wrestling, it seems like everybody on social media has a gimmick. You got your SJWs, your feminists, your hoteps, your IG models, your rappers, your self-help ppl, your "spiritual" ppl, the alt-right, conservatives, liberals, LGBT, Black twitter, etc.

Just like wrestling, where the wrestlers have a gimmick that they have to sell to "get over" with the audience. Getting over, in wrestling lingo, means to establish a connection with the audience. In the wrestling business, if you can't get over you're not going to make a lot of money. You have a bunch of ppl trying to "get over" on social media. They need gimmicks to do that. You can be whoever you want on social media, but it's all for followers, likes, comments, clout, etc.

Wrestlers have to be someone that they aren't, in a predetermined sport, in order to "get over". People on social media present a fake image in order to attract a fanbase. Once I came to this realization, I pretty much realized how much of a joke social media was. At this point, I just log in to observe the digital rat race. I have to admit, it's entertaining.