Social Security Disability Fund To Run Out of Money ....

Jul 2014
Yeah, the idea that congress would fix it just doesn't appeal to Republicans, who'd rather see the whole country crash and burn, as they believe it would enhance their electoral prospects.....
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Apr 2013
The Milky Way
What would you suggest?

Time to grow up. SS is a Ponzi scheme.

Shut HUD, Education, Labor, Commerce, and use the savings as a stopgap to allow privatization. Keeping on doing the same thing over-and-over is the definition of insanity.

Feb 2014
Well, I may end up a bag lady yet. That really bites, considering how uncomfortable it is to live in my body, and I need electricity to keep my breathing when I sleep.

We seriously need to do something about the property laws that prevent family from helping family. An increasing number of people maybe needing that family help. However, considering the poor relationships many families have, it would be very hard for them help each other.

On the good side if enough people are seriously hurting and needing each other, maybe attitudes will change and something good will happen.

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