Some people did some things?

Dec 2015
So her "sin" is downplaying the 9/11 attacks? What should she have said?
"19 men from several countries carried out suicide attacks?" Does that make it better?

I don't get the outrage.
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Jun 2018
South Dakota
I don't get the outrage.
Don't get it? You're the one outraged, why don't you get it?
Downplaying? She did stop short of trying to tell us that they weren't Muslims. If she had simply called them what they were, Islamic terrorists, there would be no issue. She couldn't do that tho, one of the muftis most likely would have put out a "behead immediatly" fatwa on her.
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Dec 2018
It should be noted that on the day of 9/11 a certain New York real estate guy called into a local radio station and said "I guess I have the tallest building in New York now"

But yea let's talk about how outrageous this is

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