Statue of Liberty Poem to be changed

Dec 2015
How about just removing that poem altogether. How about France taking in those tired, and poor people looking for a handout. I'm pretty mush sick of them, when a I see millions of legal Americans who are in need.
Try it. Right before the 2020 election.


Forum Staff
Oct 2010
There you go again, labeling people you know nothing about. Here's a label for you...anti-American. Revel in it because that's exactly what you support.
'You're positively full of shit and a hypocrite to boot. "Patriots" like you told me "America - love it or leave it" way back when because I protested a stupid-ass war that killed millions of SE Asians and tens of thousands of Americans while birth defect-causing chemicals were sprayed on the survivors, chemicals that still are causing pain for US vets and birth defects in Vietnam, a war that like the Iraq War a shitheaded president lied us into, mainly because "patriots" like you are so easy to fool.

I looked them square in the eyes and told them that the reason I was protesting the war is because I love America and I'm a believer in the Gospel taught by Jesus Christ. Generally, they responded with a "Fuck you hippie" or something equally as patriotic.