Stereotyping more common in those with high cognitive ability

Nov 2005
Yes I already posted this on another thread, but to me this is the most powerful song about stereotyping. Tough to listen to, but an important message.
But there's two sides to every story, I wish that I knew yours
I wish that I knew yours​
This is a part we don't hear enough of these days.

We have some people who shout "All Lives Matter", but then fail to appreciate an irony when they have a problem with people saying "Happy Holidays".
Of course "Blue Lives Matter" and I find it disturbing that "Black Lives Matter" and "Blue Lives Matter" have a "conflict".

There are clear indicators of real race problems in this country that some people ignore. Studies that show hiring racism still exists and judicial system racism still exists, but our government does nothing about that. Some are more offended by Colin Kaepernick taking a knee over those items of racism and refuse to discuss the racism intelligibly.

On the flip side, I am against "welfare queens" as well. But our politicians turn around and talk about ABOLISHING such assistance instead of looking at the rules that qualify / disqualify people instead of looking at adopting common sense rules.
I am against illegal immigration, but I don't see a wall as helping significantly and instead providing more problems than it's worth.
Instead of real world solutions, our politicians tie us up in campaigns that wind up doing absolutely nothing, much less realistically assessing how wide-spread the problem is in the first place. And worse, I think some of our politicians WANT to tie us up like that because they think they can get more votes appealing to specific masses gullible enough for hyperbolic (i.e. result of stereotyping) claims.
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Dec 2016
The right is guilty of this as well. Their cosmetic focuses are just different.
For example, talking about "prayer in school" but failing to appreciate it's school endorsed prayer which is problematic.
Whining about things they see on TV and proclaiming that they shouldn't have to explain to their kids why they see this or that.

How about the whole "War on Christmas" thing???

I don't really give a crap because I'm neither a liberal nor a conservative! Both approaches have failed because they function within the limits allowed by capitalism.

Or like when Pluto was a planet. But then it really wasn't.
And then conservatism...

What the heck does your example have to do with liberalism?
It was a follow-up to Bill's presentation of anthropology with liberalism being something unique and modern:
liberalism is evolutionarily novel
and contained errors like:
Because all members of a hunter-gatherer tribe are genetic kin or at the very least friends and allies for life, sharing resources among them does not qualify as an expression of liberalism as defined above. Given its absence in the contemporary hunter-gatherer tribes, which are often used as modern-day analogs of our ancestral life, it may be reasonable to infer that sharing of resources with total strangers that one has never met or is not likely ever to meet – that is, liberalism – was not part of our ancestral life. Liberalism may therefore be evolutionarily novel, and the Hypothesis would predict that more intelligent individuals are more likely than less intelligent individuals to espouse liberalism as a value.
Modern anthropology studies of hunter-gatherers in the Amazon and Kalahari desert and numerous other locations showed that membership of the community was often in a state of flux...with new people moving in while some move out to join other bands. They were not strictly blood relatives...which would have been essential to prevent dangerous inbreeding within small communities.
So, from that faulty premise, his source presumes that ' sharing with strangers was not historically part of human culture.' The sources I consider more accurate and relevant say that not only was sharing with others common, but it was much more so than later agrarian societies. I still don't see how that Hypothesis connects the dots!