Straight Pride Parade

Marcus Livius

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Sep 2017
Basically they all gather together and tell BS stories about their sexual achievements? Kinda like the HS football team when none of us had any idea what a naked girl looked like.
That sounds hell of gay. A group of guys wearing tight spandex pants, slapping each other in the ass, with no idea what a naked girl looks like............
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Nov 2005
There are different types of "pride" with different implications.
1) There is the "I am proud to be a part of Group_X." The pride does not revolve around assuming other groups are inferior. This pride is not about oppressing another group.
2) There is also the "I am proud to be a part of Group_X because other groups are lesser (maybe even with a call to oppression / discrimination)." This is a sign of xenophobia / homophobia / whatever the label would be...

I think people need to recognize the difference as I have come across some rare gays who are in group #2 and I have come across people who are in a majority group who are in group #1.

With that said, I think "Super Happy Fun America" is just purely trolling.

I've taken a look at the Facebook page and the web-site for Super Happy Fun America and honestly it is just pure propaganda without example. They are mainly about hyping themselves up and talking about how others are reacting to them.
They're statements mindlessly mimic some statements on "gay pride" but without any justification for the statement. For example:
“Straight people are an oppressed majority. We will fight for the right of straights everywhere to express pride in themselves without fear of judgement and hate. The day will come when straights will finally be included as equals among all of the other orientations.” – John Hugo, President of Super Happy Fun America​
How the heck are "straight people" supposedly oppressed?
How are you not "included" as "equals among all of the other orientations"?
May 2019
Super Happy Fun America sounds like a bad Chinese Restaurant, not a straight pride group. Their website cracks me up ( Super Happy Fun America – It's great to be straight ) :

"The Blue and Pink flag, which has represented our community for over 0.4 years, is integral to our movement. " Wow 4/10ths of a year. They have been around forever

Everything about this feels like somebody is being punked.
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Mar 2019
I am all for that kinda of struggle stopping but in the process it is important to not put struggle on those who are not part of your group.

The thread replies is border line putting struggle on straight people.

This kinda refutes a bit the twitter stuff just posted.

In other words we should not create more struggle to over come struggle.

The op had a good point.
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