Supreme Court could limit the anti-abortion movement’s right to lie

Feb 2018
Crisis pregnancy clinics: lying to pregnant women, lying about their success to get ridiculous amounts of donations, and used as staging areas to harass and abuse women going to real women's health clinics.

The FACT Act simply requires unlicensed centers to disclose their lack of licensing and requires any center that advertises pregnancy-related services "to advise each patient at the time of her visit of the various publicly funded family planning and pregnancy-related resources available in California."

Should the actual places of Abortion, be so inclined to advise of the other options?
Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
lets see

Planned Parenthood claims

They do Breast Cancer Screening..

NOT ONE Planned Parenthood has an imaging Center (they cannot perform Mammograms)

Not one Planned Parenthood has a CLIA accredited Laboratory

But they Claim to perform Cervical Cancer Screending, STD Screening ...

Lets talk about Lies and Women's health

How many women DIED because they left a PP thinking they were Cancer Free.

(Now Remember many a PP Clinic was fined for committing fraud for Charging for Mammograms and STD Screenings by Medicaid

Notice they targeted POOR WOMEN .
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Dec 2013
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