Susssssh ! ...maybe If You Don't Tell Them You're Gay.....

Oct 2010
With God....of course!
Message to Gay Conservatives: Be Less Gay

Al Cardenas, the new head of the group that sponsors the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, says that ideally, a gay group participating in the conference would not focus on gay issues.

The new head of the American Conservative Union, the primary sponsor of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, says it’s great to have a gay group at the conference as long as its focus is not on, well, gay issues.

Of the gay conservative group GOProud, which has had a presence at the last two CPACs, ACU chairman Al Cardenas (pictured) told Human Events magazine, “The problem is that GOProud didn’t help us any in being inclusive, because they used that platform to be quite aggressive [outside CPAC]. They started taunting some of our board members.”

He added, “The ideal GOProud participation would have been, ‘You know what, guys? This is an inclusive society. We’re as interested in these fiscal issues as you are. Fill your website with fiscal issues that you’re for and be a mainstream discusser of issues. We just happen to have a different lifestyle.’ And if they’d done that, they would have laid the groundwork for things that would have been pretty good.”

A look Tuesday morning at the GOProud website actually finds it filled with fiscal issues, including, on the home page, endorsements of Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal and a plan for school choice in the District of Columbia. The home page also highlights national security matters and carries just one gay-specific item, addressing GOProud’s activism on gay rights globally.

GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia, contacted by The Advocate, had no comment on Cardenas’s statements. Read the full Cardenas interview here.
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This site looks like Queer Central - dozens of trivial homosexual stories posted by RayK with a handful of repetitive responses from shriek. Or vice versa
Oct 2010
With God....of course!
Like children - be seen but not heard.

I wonder if the GOProud members have realized that their party hates them?

*** I'm sure that in their panic since '08, they have been scrambling in every direction on the their vessel to plug the holes. Instead of shoring up the cracks and the holes, they've only managed to dig themselves deeper and deeper, while their other crazies like Steele and Palin have stolen the dorries and fed the sinking ship.

Who is going to support the slicked-back grease ball or the comb-over? They've been bringing themselves down ever since. Smoke and mirrors will only work with the confirmed bigots like we have here, and they too are losing their army, daily.

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