Sweden: Muslim migration link avoided as sex crimes triple in five years

Apr 2019
Pretty obvious what is causing the rise in sex crimes. It is only going to get worse. I hope other countries realize that this comes with Islam.
Sweden has long become “a perfect example of how not to handle” immigration. African and Middle Eastern street gangs, violent Muslim no-go zones, and sharia patrols are all part of the growing crisis.

Yet it is “taboo to link the chaotic state of the country to the Muslim migrant influx.” The Washington Times, however, reported about the subject, and zeroed in on the escalated threat of jihad terror:

The topic of crime is sensitive….especially about criticizing the growing numbers of Muslims…The government’s excuse for denying Islamic terrorist attacks, obvious to everybody, is that no Islamic group has “officially” claimed responsibility for them.
This is a world problem. It should not be ignored or apologized for.
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Aug 2018
been around
Islam has been chosen as a close to perfect weapon with which to destroy Western society so it can be turned into something else.

That's why they get all the protection. In Europe it's a crime to even criticize them. What could be more apparent?