Swedish Researcher Pushes Eating Human Flesh as Answer to Future Climate Change Food Shortages

Jul 2018
Lots of people in the US won't eat perfectly good organ meat, nor bunny meat nor mutton nor goat. It's partially what you've grown up eating, I'm sure - but we're (the majority of the US) too many generations off the farm or ranch, when everything of a food animal was eaten or used in some way. Like Jonathan Swift in his A modest proposal, I assume that the marketing guy in the OP is merely being provocative. (& how do we know he's a liberal?) Long pig has a long history among humans, but it's not something we're proud of. When push comes to shove, yes; people eat whatever's to hand - or they die a tough hard death. Some people would rather die, I suppose.

In Western Civilization, I think it takes the immediate prospect of starving to death (or even actually starting to starve to death) to deprogram people from their normal food habits. Just as well. People may say they'll contemplate cannibalism, but it's hard to judge what people will do in extremis.
Most ethnic groups won't resort to cannibalism in the face of starvation. The majority of black Africans and Asian Indians don't engage in cannibalism when things get tough. Chinese and most white ethnic groups will eat anyone when the cupboard gets bare. And we know about the biblical cannibals. There are no stories about the Irish going cannibal during their famine. Some ate grass.
Jul 2019
Haven't Liberals been accused of eating their young?
no, that was America who eats their young,

and this was by the classic space alien band Funkadelic, and they were talking about a red hot mama from Lousiana, but I think it symbolizes sacrificing the young in the name of power and greed

The late great poet Tupac Shakur also said "America eats it's babies" and he was talking about throwing young people into prison to maintain power