Oct 2009
Cliffside Park, NJ
Tariffs: A nation’s government levies tariffs for one or more of these purposes:

(1) To defend jobs or enterprises of the tariff imposing nation. (A nation's annual trade deficits are always net detrimental to their nation’s GDP and drag upon their numbers of jobs).
(!a) To reduce the trade deficits between one or more foreign nation’s with regard to types of goods.

(2) to increase the government’s tax revenues.

(3) To economically and possibly politically harm or retaliate against one or more other nations or political opponents both within and/or beyond the nation’s borders.
(It’s also conceivable that the government’s purpose may be to assist or placate one or more other nations or political allies both within and/or beyond the nation’s borders).

Tariffs introduction into a nation’s economy is analogous to poisons that are of the introduced within prescribed medications. They must be applied in very judicious manners. Both if appropriate remedies are not introduced, or if they are not judiciously introduced, the consequences could be economically serious.
I did not post this thread for the purpose of discussing tariffs, but to satisfy our so often common need to refer to a tariff’s actual and/or stated purpose.

Respectfully, Supposn
Dec 2016
When I was young, tariffs and import duties were taken as a given by most people, because a government's first duty is to protect its citizens, and that includes protecting its industry, agriculture and service sectors from being demolished and overrun by foreign interests who answer to no one....except the WTO perhaps.

Until the 80's or at least the late 70's, being conservative meant protecting your own economic interests first, and trading for things the domestic economy does not/or cannot supply. And quietly, below the surface the sharks of neoliberalism had been disseminating a sufficient amount of propaganda (and bribes to the right people) to make conservatives turn on a dime, and start declaring that capital and industrial production should be allowed to flow freely and unencumbered to the best locations for investment and development....although they all found reasons to drop the third item that Ludwig von Mises also felt should be allowed to flow freely: labour! Nix to that one! And that encapsulates how we got the shit we have today, where billionaires keep getting richer, and have reached epic proportions where there's absolutely nothing they can't buy with all of their fucking money!

What does Jeff Bezos, or Zuckerberg or Gates want now that keeps motivating them to add to their billions and increasing the poverty of everyone else? Power, for one thing! If you have $150 billion, you can beat off and thrill yourself to having red carpets rolled out for you all across America in the hopes of paying for your next Amazon HQ sweatshop! And the lucky winners in New York State, have a governor and a mayor who have taken away money from transit and other deprived essential services all to add to the new pharoah's pyramid of money!

Only silver lining for the most of us is that, at some point in the future these A-holes realize too late that power vanishes really fast if you don't have the guns to back it up! And it will be off to the guillotines with the lot of them, as fed up populations all over the world choose between fascism or anticapitalism (anarchism, communism etc.).

If they were smart, the wealthy owners of capital and industry would have kept their demands modest, rather than keep grinding the rest of the population into powder in the quest to become the world's first trillionaire.