Taxes upon corporations have sales tax like effect.

Oct 2009
Cliffside Park, NJ
Taxes upon corporations have sales tax like effect.

Political conservatives are more likely believe those whose incomes are insufficient to be subject to federal income tax, pay no federal taxes and contribute nothing to USA's economy.

They're also likely to be opposed to corporate taxes and point out that customers, not businesses pay businesses taxes. To a substantial extent that's true. Then although not everyone pays federal income taxes, due to everyone directly or indirectly inducing purchases, don't we all pay some federal taxes?

To the extent that all of our purchasers have some federal taxes upon enterprises embedded within their prices, among those taxes consequences is their effect similar to a flat federal sales tax. Taxes embedded within purchasers are direct or indirect contributions to governments' revenues that we all pay.

While we retain federal taxation of individual's net incomes, we should also retain corporate taxes. Elimination of corporate taxation would hinder enforcement of income taxation upon individuals and would greater contribute to tax inequality.

Respectfully, Supposn